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Life After "I Do"

9 Part Series, By The Life Team, Treasure 

When marriage is done right, it’s one of the most beautiful experiences and relationships we can have. The commitment that marriage calls for is lifelong, and it’s intense. And in Christian marriage, the vows we make at the altar aren’t just to each other; we make them before God.

In this series, we’ll explore some of the struggles and joys that marriage brings. And we’ll also challenge you to love your spouse the way Jesus has loved us: selflessly, and without reserve.

  1. Broken Together Session2

    Broken Together

    What does "happily ever after" actually look like? Igniter Media has put together this moving video of a different kind of a fairy-tale ending.

  2. 6 Ways to Respect Your Wife Session7

    6 Ways to Respect Your Wife

    Marriage isn't just about the wife respecting her husband and supporting his dreams. She needs (and will thrive) when you intentionally show her respect and invest in her dreams as well.

  3. Record of Rights Session9

    Record of Rights

    Every couple will find irritations in one another. We can either keep a list of wrongs or a list of rights. What we choose to focus on makes all the difference in the relationship.