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How You Can Walk In The Spirit

4 Part Series, By Dr. Bill Bright 

The abundant life Jesus offers you is a journey of faith. It won't happen by accident. Daily surrender is required, but it's not about letting go and letting God. It's about running to Jesus, holding on to Him, and saying "Yes" to what He asks you to do. It's admitting that you can't do it without Him  that you need the Holy Spirit to empower you. 

If you've been wading in the shallows, following Jesus at your convenience, why not dive into the deep end and become fully alive? In this series, Dr. Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) lays out how to experience the Spirit-Filled Life so you can step into your best possible future. To make the most of this series, use the self-study or group discussion questions.

  1. Be Prepared for Conflict Session2

    Be Prepared for Conflict

    If you're committed to following Jesus, you will face opposition. Knowing your enemy is one thing, but knowing Jesus intimately is really the best battle plan.