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9 Part Series, By The Life Team, Treasure 

Dating: what a grand adventure! Or a nightmare. Tomato, tomato.

Dating and courtship present such a different world for each single person – some thrive in it, and some just can’t wait to get out; most single people spend time on both sides.

As if dating itself weren’t complicated enough, Christian courtship can add a whole new level of pressure! There are hundreds of different perspectives on what is or isn’t biblical, is or isn’t spiritually healthy. We’re not about to tell you any hard and fast rules, like not to pray together or kiss before marriage, but we’ve got some great resources to help you navigate the tricky waters of dating for yourself. We trust you to figure it out! And we're here to help.

  1. Why Aren't You Married? Session2

    Why Aren't You Married?

    I know men and women who are kind, smart, funny and compassionate. They long to be married but so far God has said, “No”. I do not know why but I believe that God does. 

  2. Who Should I Marry? Session5

    Who Should I Marry?

    Choosing your spouse is the second most important decision you'll ever make. Bestselling author Gary Thomas has some advice you need to hear.

  3. The Blessings of Loneliness Session8

    The Blessings of Loneliness

    “Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride” rang in my ears. Although I was thrilled to stand beside some of the best women I have ever known, I still felt the fear of being left behind.