I can look back on times when I was running full tilt for Jesus. His presence felt real. He occupied my thoughts throughout the day. I saw Him using me in amazing ways. He wasn’t just a concept to me; He was real.

But there have also been times (more than I’d like to admit) when I’ve had little passion for Jesus.

I allowed my love for him to slowly seep through the cracks until I became numb, just going through the motions. I’d run on empty for a while, deluded into attempting life on my own, but then I’d begin to feel it: the heavy weight of having no clear purpose — that pulsing ache of missing God (and I’m sure He was missing me too).

Why do we lose our passion?

Sometimes it’s easy to spot the problem. There’s some blatant sin we’ve let fester and steal our joy. When this happens, most of us know the way back to joy. We take our sin to the cross, tell God about it honestly and ask Him for a fresh start. Then we seek His help to make better choices.

But sometimes our passion whittles away for more subtle reasons. We’re just plain tired from dealing with a whole list of work and family responsibilities. A relationship conflict is wearing on our mind. There's also all the entertainment and media filling our evenings and gluing us to our phones—the constant assault of a hundred reasons to put off reading our Bibles and stopping to have conversations with God.

How do we rediscover a passion for God?

Contrary to much Christian thinking, there are not five steps or ten things to do. It really starts with one thing—gaze at Jesus. Look again at who Jesus is and what He did for you on the cross. Look at the depth from which He rescued you. See Him paying your penalty. Become captivated by the beauty of Jesus once again and ask Him to reignite the passion that fizzled out.

You can start that conversation right now with these simple words:

“Jesus, I miss You."

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Photo Credit: Zachary Staines