Easter is one of the easiest times of the year to invite a friend to church. The secularization of Christmas has been a growing trend but Easter is still widely thought of as a religious holiday. It's the one time of year when talking about Jesus is commonplace and politically correct.

Some people know the history behind Easter, ;but in our post-Christian, multi-cultural society, many don't know the details. Those new to western countries are especially hungry to understand this tradition; many are open to having discussions about faith.  Don’t miss this opportunity to talk about God.

Here are ten ways to share your faith this Easter

1. Invite someone to dinner. You’re probably already cooking a feast so make room for one or two more. Many seniors or recent immigrants would love a chance to visit.

2. Make the prayer count at dinner. Don't be preachy or flippant; just give heartfelt thanks to Jesus.

3. Mention your Easter plans during small talk at work. Try to share what the holiday means to you.

4. Do a small group outreach: Throw a potluck and invite neighbours; volunteer at a soup kitchen; put together an Easter hamper for a family in need.

5. Plan a neighborhood-wide Easter egg hunt and be intentional about building relationships with the participants. This can also be a great time to share a child-friendly version of the Easter story.

6. Demonstrate forgiveness. Jesus has forgiven us of so much. In this Easter season forgive someone else and consider letting them know.

7. Try one of these conversation starters with an un-churched person: "Did you know Easter is really a love story?", "Did you celebrate Easter growing up?", "Easter is really unfair!" (When they ask why, tell them about God's amazing grace and how we got mercy but deserved judgment.)

8. Give someone a book to spark spiritual curiosity. Soul Cravings: The Prequel, by Erwin McManus, or The Reason for God, by Tim Keller are both excellent options. Plan a follow up conversation over coffee.

9. Share the Gospel. Ask God to give you a clear opportunity to share Christ, and then do it.

10. Invite a friend to come to church with you.