Girl, you have heard a lot of words describe you. Some of them flattering, some of them not-so-much. Some of them you probably wouldn’t repeat in front of your mother. We’ve all been there.

You have heard words that hurt, and hopefully, you have heard words that heal. Some of them have come from your own mouth. We’re here to say that you are more than those words.

Video thanks to THE ANIMA SERIES.

Hear these ones:

Don't believe these words? Talk to one of our confidential mentors. We'd love to encourage you and support you to see yourself as God sees you: precious.

Daughter, these words don’t get their power from the men or women who speak them to you, or remain silent about them, or negate them. They get their power from the One Who said them first - when you were created. When you were loved into being.

You are worthy of love, but you will not always receive it from the people around you. I wish this wasn't true. Bullies exist in grown up life. They exist in universities and the workplace and our homes and even in churches. Sister, please do not be one of them, and do not put up with them when you meet them. Know that you are worthy of love (and that those bullies need it too).

Their treatment of you – for better or for worse – does not determine how awesome/good/talented you are. And that goes both ways. Build into the women around you when you feel tempted to break them down with gossip or criticism or jealousy. Mentor them, learn from them, empower them, love them.

The One Who gives you your value and your purpose is God alone - and that might look like a thousand different things. Despite what the world may tell you, God doesn’t create every woman from the same mold. He has made us engineers, dancers, researchers, artists, world leaders, missionaries, mothers, healers, prophets, warriors, - all strong, all lovely, all shapes and sizes, all sisters.

You are worth more than you could ever imagine.

Don’t be afraid of yourself and what you can be. Claim the victory of Christ in the face of Satan’s lies! You are excellent.

The One Who gave His life for us is on your side.

Photo Credit: Shamim Nakhai