Sometimes God finds us in expected places. Tonia was sitting in a jail cell, all alone, when she heard God whisper, “I’m here with you.”

She remembers walking into court that day expecting an entirely different outcome. Tonia knew she was guilty, but her lawyer had told her that jail time was unlikely. There would be community service, a lot of community service, but the two sides had come to an agreement that incarceration would not be necessary. The judge disagreed.

In that moment Tonia went from standing before the court in her Sunday best, to walking into a holding cell in handcuffs. It was just a few feet away but it felt like a whole different world.

As she spent time in the solitude of prison Tonia rediscovered a thirst for God and asked if there were any Bible studies she could do. She started out doing the studies alone in her cell, and then moved to sitting just outside her cell. It didn’t take long for some of the other women to ask what she was doing and get involved.

By the time she came to the end of her sentence there were three separate groups of women who were doing the Bible studies together. These women saw what Tonia was doing, they saw how she was living her life, even while confined, and they wanted what she had.

Who is watching what you are doing today?

It’s easy to think that you’re not in a mission field but that’s not true. No matter what you spend your days doing, people are watching.  What are your actions teaching them about what it means to know God?

If someone asked you about your faith would you know what to say? If not, the Shine series can help.