In Jesus’ time, many homes included a place set apart for prayer. He urged people to go to that quiet place for prayer, unlike the Pharisees who made a public show of their piety.

We can’t pray in public because we’re now shut in our homes, but God has already given us one powerful tool to use while we’re shut in — prayer. God still wants our homes to be centers of prayer.

Invest the time usually spent driving to work in prayer. Instead of going out for entertainment, you can now spend family time in Bible study and prayer. When stepping outside for a breath of fresh air — lift high the name of God.

Whatever we’re doing, let’s find time to pray.

Imagine the prayers Noah and his family brought before God while they were on the ark. Maybe they asked for their food supplies to last. They certainly prayed for the health of animals and humans alike. When quarrels or disturbances erupted, they most likely prayed for peaceful co-existence in close quarters. They must have asked God when the flood would end. Perhaps they wondered what it would be like after the doors opened, because life as they had known it had come to an end.

Like Noah, when the lockdown is lifted, let our first acts be a sacrifice of prayer and worship to the Lord who has brought us safely through the storm (Genesis 8:18-20).

The time we’ve spent in the secret place talking with our Father will surely be rewarded.

Lord, may we treat this lockdown as an invitation to prayer. How we thank you for the promise that the door will once again open. Amen.

Go Deeper — Set aside a place in your home for prayer. It can be as big as a room, or as small as a chair.

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Photo Credit: Priscilla Dupreez