“No longer will there be a curse upon anything. For the throne of God and the lamb will be there, and his servants will worship him.” Revelation 22:3

Have you ever seen a film that begins with the ending? The characters are sitting together in some peaceful setting. Suddenly, the words “two years earlier” appear on the screen, and the story of the incredible adventure they all went through to get to there begins to unfold.

That’s exactly what we have in the Book of Revelation: the end of the story. It’s a great ending! Tears, sorrow, crying, pain, and death are gone. All things are made new. We will worship God together in that perfect place.

Sometimes people become almost hopelessly wrapped up in trying to interpret all the strange symbolism of Revelation. Those things are important, but the main message of Revelation is about trust. God holds the future in His hands and under His direction.

I once heard a well-known Christian man, dying of Cancer, with only a few weeks to live, give his final public speech. “I’ve had a great past,” he said, describing the fascinating events of history he had witnessed. “I have a great present,” he said, giving thanks for his many friends and the love of his family.

But then he said something surprising, “I want you all to know that I have a great future,” and he laid out his sure hope of going to be with Christ.

“These words are trustworthy and true,” says Revelation 22:6. God’s promise to wipe away the tears and pain of today is sure and certain. You have a great and trustworthy future!

You are the Lord of my future, Jesus, and I trust you with all I have. Amen.

Take Action

Resolve to trust God fully with your future, believing that whatever may happen along the way, you will live forever in His presence.

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