I had big plans for my high school years. I wasn’t going to waste them. No sir. I was going to lead Bible studies, go on mission trips, excel in my studies, volunteer, and explore the world. It was going to be amazing.

God had other plans. I spent all of high school housebound from my chronic illnesses. I slowly disappeared from my friends’ lives, I became a burden on my family, and even moving from my bed to the couch was a huge production.

Our culture worships productivity. We can feel like we need to do more, be more like so-and-so, and magically come up with more time, energy, and resources to use for God’s glory and others’ good.

But what if making a difference looks like raising kids? What if productivity looks like being faithful in the mundane tasks that God has put in front of you? Like the poor widow, your best is enough. Give your all and know that it is all God desires. He doesn’t expect you to give him what you don’t have.

My two coins of energy during high school were all that God needed. It didn’t matter that others were able to give more. The same is true for you. Give God your entire heart and know that’s enough, even if you don’t think it’s much. As was the case for the boy who offered up his meager lunch to feed thousands (John 6:8–13), God will multiply the small basket of bread and fish you can give. He doesn’t need it to be spectacular before he does.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the resources you have provided for me. I choose to give them back to you, trusting that you will multiply them for your glory. Help me to accept the grace you offer in my weaknesses.Amen.

Go Deeper — Take two coins and let them represent two ways you can serve God right now. Offer them to God in prayer and ask him to show you how he can use those gifts for his glory.

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Photo Credit: Debby Hudson