Have you ever looked in the mirror and had a conversation with God about what you see? “God, you could have made my ears just a bit smaller and maybe made my hair less curly?”

Have you ever been with friends or people at work and thought, “I wish I was as smart as he is” or “I would like to be as creative as she is?”

I think we have all entertained such thoughts.

I enjoy home renovation projects. Over the years, I have purchased several tools because I’ve realized the right tool can make a job much easier, save time, and give better results.

Think about it for a minute. God is the creator God. He created the universe and he holds all the secrets. He does good work! Paul is telling the Christ followers in Ephesus that they are God’s workmanship, a special creation. In their relationship with Jesus, they are designed for good works that God had in mind before they existed.

Each one of us plus Jesus makes a “one of a kind” team called to accomplish a unique purpose that God has for us. Just like the special tools I have collected, each engineered for a special task, we each fit into God’s toolbox. Now I can look in the mirror or be with a group of people and smile to myself with the thought. . . “God, you do good work!”

Father God, thank you that I am your workmanship and you have good works for me to accomplish in a unique way. You do good work. May I be willing to allow Christ to work in and through me today and each day. Give me a greater understanding of what you would like to accomplish in me and through me. May the wonder of your plan and purposes captivate my heart and mind. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Reflect on your attitude toward what God has given you. Is there a change of perspective that needs to take place in your heart?

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Photo Credit: Wander Fleur on Unsplash