I was facing dental surgery and I was not happy about it. It was going to be expensive. It was going to hurt and I was feeling pretty justified in being upset about it. I remember thinking, This is so unfair! I don't want this surgery! Right at that moment the Holy Spirit whispered, "Do you really not want it? Would you prefer that things stay the way they are right now?"

I realized a very simple truth. I wanted the results of the surgery; I just didn't want to go through the pain and inconvenience of actually doing it.

The thing is, I do exactly the same thing with my faith. I'll pray,God please make my faith stronger, but only if it won't hurt.

Growth is often messy and inconvenient. If I want the benefits, I have to be willing to go through the process.

The great news for us today is this promise in Matthew 28: God is with us. Through every victory and every loss, he's right there with us. He shows up, even when it's messy, even when it hurts, and even when I'm so busy complaining that I can' see how far I've come.

When I try to hold on - to my frustrations or past hurts - God says,"ome on, you can't stay here." He points me toward hope and growth and a deeper knowledge of who he is.

God, forgive me for the times when I've tried to skip the lesson or rush ahead of where you are. Thank you for this promise that you will be with me, even to the end of the age, amen.

Throughout This Day: Ask God to help you to joyfully embrace his will for you today.

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Photo Credit: Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash