“Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true wisdom. All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom.” Psalm 11:10

Western culture shifted with the popularity of the drive-through window. Fast food chains now measure service in seconds. A recent study shows that a top fast food chain has the fastest drive-through average of 133.63 seconds – just over 2 minutes!

Thus, we have grown increasingly impatient with waiting for anything – we don’t want to stop at traffic lights. We’re getting used to Google answering our questions in mere seconds. We live in a culture of the “instant.”

Similarly, we are equally impatient in our spiritual growth and development. We want instant knowledge and maturity – to grow in wisdom without the necessary developmental steps.

In Psalm 11, King David reiterates that the foundation of true wisdom is to fear the Lord – to give Him His rightful place as the Lord and to care about, follow and obey His words and perspective on every aspect of life. Psalm 11:10 then shares a promise – those who obey the Lord’s commandments will grow in wisdom. When we obey the Lord and obediently do what He asks, we naturally grow in wisdom.

Growing in wisdom does not come instantly but over time, and only when we obey the Lord wholeheartedly and do not stray from His path. The wise can become instant fools through disobedience and wrong choices.

May the Lord give us a persevering and steadfast spirit to follow Him all the days of our lives – to obey Him at every crossroad so that we will continually grow in wisdom.

LORD, I want to fear You only and give You Your rightful place as Lord over every aspect of my life. Help me to obey Your words and do what You ask. Thank You that You promise that I will grow in wisdom. Help me to continually grow and learn from all of the circumstances and experiences that are part of my life. Keep me steadfast in following You with all of my heart. Amen!

Take Action

Would you describe yourself as impatient with your own growth in wisdom?  Commit to reading through the book of Proverbs and ask the Lord to teach you to apply His word and to grow in wisdom.

Take a closer look at God’s Holiness.

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