“But the more they were called, the more they went away from me.” Hosea 11:2a

“Tag. You’re it.” The little girl punched her friend in the shoulder.

“But I don’t want to be.” Her friend pouted. “I’m too tired. I want to quit.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’re it anyway.”

When God calls us to a certain ministry, we may feel that it is the last thing we want to do. It is tempting to turn away instead. “I don’t want to. Call someone else, Lord.”

When my late husband and I transferred to a new state for his job, I walked into a tense church situation. My stomach knotted. I’d just been through a similar situation in our old church. It had been gut wrenching and had worn me out emotionally, as it did a number of people, until the conflict resolved and the Holy Spirit again reigned.

I prayed, “God, why have you plunged me back into this fire?” I recall His reply as vividly as if He had spoken it into my ear. “Because I can use you. I’ll be with you through this.”

I still said, “No.” Like Jonah in the Bible ran from Nineveh, so I tried to run from the task. It didn’t work.

Within a year, I was appointed president over the women’s group, and then also over the women in the area-churches also tangled in the conflict. I remained in that position for the next four years, though not by my choice. During that time, my faith stretched to new heights. I relied more and more on our Lord and not on my own talents. I have to admit God knew what He was doing all along and I am better for the experience.

Holy Father, when You call us to a difficult task, gently guide us into the realization that we must obey. We cannot outrun Your grace. Help us to see that You will always walk with us through to its completion and provide all we need to do Your will. Through Your Son who was obedient even unto death we pray, Amen.

What has God tagged you to do?

Take Action

If you are reluctant to do something you feel God has called you to do, go to Him in prayer. Be honest with Him about your doubts, but also open your heart and mind to His response.

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