I counted on my husband, not only to provide for me and our child, but to be there for me. He was supposed to be my rock, my guide, and my confidant. He was to fight my battles and defend me, love me for whom I was, and honor and cherish me…until death parted us. And it did.

Then I learned how misguided I had been. That reality ripped my heart in pieces. I felt so alone, abandoned, and hurt. I also felt duped, and that made me angry. For awhile I shut myself off, thinking I could handle life on my own. I’d be there for others, but didn’t dare expect anyone to be there for me in return.

There is one Man who will be all I expected my husband to be. He is my Lord and Savior. And death will not part us because He already died on the cross, and now lives forever. As a believer, even if I turn from Him temporarily, God will never abandon me. I can count on Him no matter what…for all eternity.

You can depend on Him, too. As it states in Revelation 3:20, Jesus stands at your door and knocks. Each and every day, with every breath you take or decision you make, you have the option to let Him in or keep Him out of your life. No matter what you have done, said or felt, you can count on Him. He won’t let you down. Count on it.

Lord Jesus, you are the only one I can truly rely upon. You are my rock, my shelter and stronghold. And while others can love me and I them, it is unfair to them and me to totally depend on them. Instead, precious Lord, constantly knock on the door of my heart and remind me to let you in. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write down who you depend on and what for. Then decide if you are expecting them to replace God’s job or not. It might change how you see your relationships.

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Photo Credit: Steven Van Loy