Throughout literature, the notion of a monarch declaring his or her offspring as the next in line to the throne recurs. Think of Shakespeare’s King Lear or even the biblical succession of Solomon as David’s chosen royal son. More recently, movies and streaming sites have picked up on this theme in movies like Thor or the show, The Crown.

Typically, these stories contain common elements such as conflict over who the successor may be and opposition from dark forces seeking to disrupt the peaceful transition. Often the opposition can come from other family members who feel they are being slighted by their mother or father’s choice.

In Psalm 2, David foretells of a royal succession unlike any in history. The Psalmist poetically and symbolically predicts a time when God will declare his Son the true sovereign of the world. It lays out a future where the Son will take his place on the celestial throne in Heaven, reigning as the king of the universe.

To the people of David’s era, this would likely have been a mysterious prediction as they could have easily misunderstood the nature of his words. Was David referring to his own successor? Was it metaphorical? We are fortunate today to recognize the true prophetic nature of Psalm 2, written 1000 years before the birth of Christ. David was inspired to foretell of a king who would have the nations of the earth as his inheritance — who would see all people bow down to him.

The last phrase in Psalm 2 is something that can still bring comfort today. When David writes, “Blessed are all who take refuge in him,” he anticipated the work that Christ would accomplish on earth. Jesus truly did bring peace to the world, giving all humanity an opportunity to be reconciled to God.

God, I thank you that your plan of salvation which was fulfilled in Jesus’ birth was a plan you had in mind from the beginning of time. Help me take refuge in you.

Throughout This Day: Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take comfort in God’s plan for the salvation of the world through Jesus and thank him for the refuge you find in him.

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Photo Credit: Kayla Gibson on Unsplash