How do you start your day with God? To be honest, most mornings I’d grab my coffee, read my daily devotional on my computer, mediate on it a bit, and perhaps list off a few people and situations in prayer. Then I’d be up and on my way. There, I’ve had my daily God-time.

Then I saw a saying on social media, “The art of communication is good listening.” A spear could’ve pierced my heart. I thought about how often I am more interested in controlling conversations. I find myself formulating my response while the other person is still talking.

Do I do that with God? No. I never let Him talk! I treat Him almost like a year-round Santa Claus. Forgive me, I mean to be good. Here is my list of demands, um, I mean prayer requests. Thanks. Bye.

An important part of prayer is yielding. Just as I do when I see the sign on the road ― I stop and let the other one go first. I have found my day, and my attitude, alters tremendously when I cock my spiritual ear to hear what my Lord has to say. By yielding to Him, my needs take a back seat to His. Thy will be done.

God knows our needs, and what’s more, He knows what is going to happen today. We don’t. Maybe it would be a wise and prudent thing to let Him have the first word?

Father in heaven, forgive me for the times I am more interested in you pleasing me and doing my bidding than I yours. You are wise, loving, and more knowledgeable. Let me yield my will to yours and listen more often to what you have to say. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Go Deeper — The next time you have God-time, sit still and just absorb His presence. Clear your mind and cock your spiritual ear, allowing Him to speak first.

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Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio