One September evening I got out of my car and made one of the longest walks of my life. It was a distance of no more than fifty yards across a parking lot and through a door. It felt much longer.

A few months before, I had heard God tell me to attend a Celebrate Recovery meeting — a 12-Step program. Though I was pretty good at saying “Yes” to God, this time I told Him emphatically, “No.” I wanted no part of it because going to this meeting meant admitting that something was wrong with me. After much wrestling with God, I told Him, “Okay, I’m going, but not because I want to.”

When God asked Abraham to take is son Isaac to an alter to be sacrificed, any normal man would have convinced himself that he had heard wrong. But Abraham knew God’s voice from past experience. He showed courageous faith and obeyed. As a result, God rescued Isaac and poured out blessings on Abraham for His obedience.

We know Abraham’s name today because he trusted and obeyed God. He is named in the Heroes of Faith listed in the book of Hebrews.

I believe God blessed me because I was obedient and went to Celebrate Recovery. Through the weeks and months that followed, He used that program to break chains in me that I didn’t know I had. God’s way is always best. His blessings often come when we lay down our own plans and obey.

Lord, forgive me when I have been disobedient. Show me where you want me to go and give me the courage to obey. Amen.


Is there an area of your life where you believe God is asking you to make a change and do things His way? In your finances? In your marriage? In your job?  Though God’s ways may often be contrary to what our society might tell us, He always has our best interests at heart. Have courage and obey.

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Photo Credit: Teddy Kelley