"Okay sweetheart, time to put your toys away before dinner," her father said. "Yes, Daddy!" the little girl enthusiastically answered. Children are inherently trusting of and obedient to their parents. They have no reason not to be this way because parents, while loving faithfully, also teach and discipline as part of wanting the best for their children.

Though Abram was in his twilight years, he was still a child of God who depended upon and trusted in his Father God for everything in his life. Today's verse speaks to Abram's willing and obedient heart for his Heavenly Father as a result of their intimate relationship. He knew God's faithfulness for every circumstance, including leaving his comforts, home, and country to be led to an unknown place.

Abram's “yes” resulted in many blessings from God. That brings comfort to my heart because, even in times of my own uncertainty, I know God can be trusted to remain faithful and follow through on every promise He makes to me, just as he did with Abram.

Yet, like every child, there is a chance to get off track, become distracted, and make mistakes. Abram was no exception to this, nor are we. Even so, if we might mess up along the way, it won't stop God from bringing us to his planned destination. Nor should it keep us from saying, "Yes, Father!"

May these truths of God’s faithfulness keep you saying '”yes” along the journey he takes you.

Heavenly Father, thank you so much that you always hold true to your promises to your children as we step out in fearful obedience to the things you call us to, even if they seem crazy at times. Help us to remember that every step forward in obedience leaves our fears and doubts one more step behind. Give us the unwavering faith and trust, as Abram had in you, to say “yes” without hesitation. Amen.

Today's Challenge: We all feel inadequate from time to time because of our age or physical limitations. Don’t let those things prevent you from following God’s call in your life. Write them down, and then write “Yes, Father!” in large letters over the top.

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Photo Credit: Enes Dincer on Unsplash