“Abraham named that place ‘The Lord will Provide’. And even now people say, ‘On the mount of the Lord it will be provided." Genesis 22:14

365 days a year we are given the opportunity like Abraham to believe that God will provide.  

He saw proof of God’s provisions when Yahweh provided a sacrifice at the perfect moment. The wandering Israelites found God’s provision of food every morning, and Esther was provided with courage to face the King. Living as a single mom challenged me to trust God to provide. Numerous times I held a gift of money someone had felt impressed to give me. It was always at the perfect moment.  God is still the same God today.

As our Provider, Scriptures says He WILL provide, not “might” or “will try.” God provides us with inner joy, earthly needs, protection, peace, and most of all, eternal life.

As those who have placed faith in Jesus Christ, we can truly believe in Yahweh Jireh, Our Provider. Single parents need strength to parent alone, employees need grace to interact with co-workers, couples need patience with each other, and singles need courage to be content with what comes their way. In every aspect, God’s says He will provide and we have to trust Him to provide in His perfect way.

God will meet you where you are. The Israelites, Abraham, Esther, and Linda McCutcheon all had to learn to believe in God's faithful provision. 

Yahweh Jirah is calling us to trust Him. Will you join the list of the faithful?

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Yahweh Jireh, Our Provider, First and foremost, thank You for providing eternal salvation for our souls and personal access to You. thank You that You meet us right where we are. Thank You for the examples of those in history who believed in You as their Provider. Give us courage and faith to help us move ahead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Take Action    

Take a minute right now to place your needs firmly into God’s capable hands. Then thank Him for His faithfulness. If those needs cause you to worry later today, say this simple prayer, “God, thank You for taking care of me. Amen.”

We all need help trusting God. Connect with a coach today to help you give your burdens to Jesus.

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