“God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God” 2 Corinthians 5:21

Have you ever been blamed for something that wasn’t your fault?

I notice in myself, and others, that we are very quick to escape any kind of guilt or shame if we perceive someone else to bear the blame for our wrong. 

“I’m sorry I’m late, but Susan said 8:30…” 

Were you really apologizing?

It becomes especially difficult when we have made sacrifices to avoid doing something wrong. Maybe you skipped out on a fun activity the night before. Maybe you’ve tried your mighty hardest and for the first time in months, did not hit the snooze button. You’ve done all you can to make sure you would be on time. Then you get no credit for it because you were misinformed. How frustrated would you be?

We need to see this urge to escape blame as what it is: a lack of understanding of the righteousness we have in Christ. There may be a time to set the record straight, but most of the time it is simply the fact that we value man’s opinion higher than God’s. We are not content in our righteousness before God; we want – we need – to be righteous before men as well.

When you’re facing a situation where you’ve done all you can and still have fallen short, remember Christ. What an amazing opportunity it is to get a shadow of a glimpse of Jesus must have when He lived an entire life of sinless perfection, only to be condemned for all the sins we have done.

What a beautiful Savior! 

Father, Thank You for sending Your Son to take on the sin that I have accumulated through my rebellion and hatred toward You. Help me to treasure the righteousness I have in Christ so highly, that I could care less what people think of me and more of Your love for me.

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