Jesus is the Lamb who was slain. He died because of our sin. With His blood, shed on the cross, Jesus purchased us for God.

Scripture speaks of the universality of sin:

Our own experience confirms this truth. Loved ones betray us. Coworkers steal our ideas or envy our success. Selfishness, anger, and pride linger in our hearts and minds, resisting our efforts to squelch them. Even little children lie — almost as soon as they can speak.

And sin skews our understanding. With this distorted view, we worship people, things, and accomplishments instead of worshipping God alone. Only one person, in all of history, lived a sinless life. Only one person died in order to buy back human beings who were estranged from their Creator. Jesus, the Messiah, gave His life in exchange for ours.

No one else did what Jesus did. Therefore no one else is worthy of our worship. Only Jesus, together with God the Father — the Savior and Creator of the world — is worthy to receive power, wealth, strength, wisdom, glory, honor, thanks, and praise.

Lamb of God, You alone are worthy of my worship. Amen.

Go deeper — repent of any worship you may have given people instead of God. Praise Jesus as the only One worthy to save us.

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