I spent nine days in the hospital recently, fighting an infection in my gall bladder. The surgeon came and said. “It’s got to come out or you’ll have the same problem again.”

So, I had to decide. I could ignore his advice, or I could agree. I decided to agree, and the surgeon cut out the infected part. I was sore for two days, but I eventually felt better than I had in a long time. I realized then that the infection had been dragging on me for months.

God often works with us this way. With perfect wisdom he points out something that he wants to change. It could be a habit that we think is minor or it may be a serious pattern of life incompatible with Christian living. We have to make a decision. We can continue to be spiritually sick or agree with God that it has to go.

I wish I could say that I have always quickly agreed, but I haven’t. I have argued with him that the problem is not really serious. I have even refused to listen. Over time, however, perhaps after some temporary pain, I’ve learned that he knows what is right. I grow more in touch with his purposes for my life and grow spiritually healthier as I trust him to change me through his Spirit.

He may gently nudge you; or sometimes, you may experience serious pain. Learn to agree with him sooner. His diagnosis is always wise and loving. He’ll empower you to obey and guide you through the difficulty. You’ll always be glad you trusted in him.

Father in Heaven, cut away that in me that does not please you so I may grow in strength of faith and have a healthy relationship with you through your Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Go Deeper — Read Acts 10. How did Peter respond to God's prompting? What did that faith-filled obedience produce?

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Photo Credit: Scott Webb