I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Many a seminar or sermon has been based on this passage in Scripture. In fact, it is the underlying theme in a wonderful faith-based novel I just read by Mary Hamilton, See No Evil. The psalmist goes on to state he was weaved together in his mother’s womb and that God knew his shape before it was formed. 

Yet most of us do not like what we view in the mirror. The majority of teenagers possess a poor body image. Too short, too fat, hair too straight or curly, etc.. This often carries on into adulthood, even into the senior years. 

We are an image conscious society. It seems every other commercial has to do with altering our bodies. One reason may be that we’ve been conditioned to pit ourselves not only against our peers but also against photo-shopped models. Perhaps it is because so many of us have changed our image due to sedentary lifestyles and pre-packaged meal choices. Though fearfully made, we can abuse our outward looks, which then affect our personal estimation of our worth. We may no longer see ourselves as wonderful, by God’s design. 

But here is the amazing thing. By renewing our minds, we can also renew our bodies. Science has proven that attitude has a huge impact on our bodies, good or bad. Change your attitude, and your body will follow. I believe one reason God sends down His Holy Spirit to indwell us is to help us do that.

Father God, You created our bodies and stated they were good. Forgive us when we treat our bodies badly. Give us the strength to make changes for the better, and the grace to accept the things we cannot change, so we reflect You instead of concentrating on our flaws. Amen.

Take Action

List the things you’d like to change about your body. Then realistically evaluate which are feasible and which are just vanities. Pray for a change in attitude.

If body image or another issue has led you to be discouraged, consider talking to a confidential mentor to find hope.