A friend and I challenged each other to begin walking every morning.

We both had desk jobs and needed the exercise. I actually enjoy it. It provides a quiet time to pray, hear the birds, greet neighbors I’ve never met, and boost my energy. However, I began to stumble off and on. Well, more like a wobble. But it serves as a warning. I haven’t built up endurance in my legs. One of my knees doesn’t quite support my weight. Solution? A sports bandage I can wear to bolster the knee until I build up my leg muscles.

Spiritually, there have been times I’ve been too sedentary and gotten a bit out of shape as a result. I’d skip a few mornings of quiet time in the Word. I’d slip out of the habit of reading daily devotionals and reflecting on them in prayer. And yes, I’d wobble a bit. I needed the Holy Spirit’s support to build my faith-muscles back up. And then I needed to continue exercising my faith in order to keep in shape for what was to come around the bend in my life.

In our fast-paced world, it is easy to slip out of the routine of spending daily time with God through prayer and reading Scripture. But when we get back into the habit, we begin to store up strength for the times when rocks lie in our path, waiting to trip us. We build up an endurance to keep going by exercising our faith muscles. Like the sports bandage, his Word wraps around us, strengthening us when we need it.

Dearest Lord, keep us in your Word. Place it on our hearts, in our minds, and wrapped around our day so we can have the strength to keep on going, even if we wobble now and then. Amen.

Additional Resource: For a practical way to lean on the power of God’s Spirit daily, try spiritual breathing.

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Photo Credit: Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash