This past weekend another unexpected fire hit our little mountain town. Laughter and joy of celebrating my daughter’s birthday quickly morphed into anxiety, dread and fear. Reflecting on my emotions after seeing the helicopters and planes clean up today, I am left with the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

Most fires have an unknown origin. They appear suddenly, with the wind its driving force, leaving terrible destruction.

When the fire came within ¼ mile of our home, the wind changed direction. I know that God controls the wind and am thankful to him that our house was preserved.

Sin is like a consuming fire. It is also insatiable and destroys everything it touches. Without Christ, oddly we felt indestructible and confident, thoroughly enjoying the passing pleasures of sin.

We were comfortable, not realizing we were slaves to the desires that would take us ultimately to our eternal destruction.

When the truth came to our ears, fear gripped our hearts. But we were unable and without strength to change. Then great sorrow and dreadfulness overcame us.

Now let us marvel at the goodness and mercy of God. When we were still powerless, in due time, Christ died for the ungodly.

Then, just like the wind that goes where it wishes, the Spirit came to us granting repentance and we believed.

What about you? Are you comfortable in what you love to do? Don’t quiet your conscience. The flames of sin can bring you quickly to an eternal place you don’t want to go.

May the Lord change the wind in your life, bringing you his Spirit who alone can preserve your soul.

Precious Lord Jesus, we were not only ungodly, but unable to change. Thank you for your great mercy as you brought us great deliverance in such a hopeless state. We praise you for preserving our souls now and forevermore!

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Photo Credit: Tony Pham on Unsplash