It takes one generation.

One generation to turn to God, accept salvation, and impart the truth of the gospel to their children. My parents were that one generation. Though they did not grow up in Christian homes, they believed the good news that was shared with them and were faithful in sharing it with my siblings and me, even as they themselves were continuing to learn about God and grow as believers.

Yet it also takes only one generation for the truth to be drowned out by the noise of the enemy: deceptions about God and the distraction of busyness. As the Israelites demonstrate in the book of Judges, how quickly humanity forgets the salvation and power of God, only to become entrapped again in sin and the influences of society around us.

In Judges, we see the Israelites sinning, following false gods, and facing the consequences. God raises up a judge and rescues them through that judge… only for them to sin again and fall into the consequences (oppression by the Amorites, Ammonites, Philistines…) within one generation, maybe two.

According to the Survey Center of American Life, my generation, Gen Z, is “the least religious generation” in America yet.

There is nothing more important than discussing a half-truth when it comes up. There is nothing more important than setting aside work to answer the simple faith questions of a child. There is nothing more important than pausing in the middle of your shift to pray for a coworker or customer.

The gospel is worth every interruption. The gospel is worth every inconvenience. The gospel is worth every bit of social disdain.

Will we step up and speak out? Will we be the ones to share with our children, our brothers, our friends, and our own generation? Will we put up “stones of remembrance” (Joshua 4:1-10) as God commanded the Israelites so that future generations would remember His faithfulness?

*Heavenly Father, thank you for calling me to yourself, and saving me. Please give me the faith and courage to speak out for you and help my generation and the next to know and follow you. *

Throughout this day: Make some time to ask God in prayer to show you specifically how he wants you to help your generation learn his truth, experience his love and remember his faithfulness.

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Photo Credit: Yulia