“Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?” Luke 24:38

Your spiritual leader has been dead three days and then shows up and asks, “Why do you doubt?

Isn’t that audacious?

The previous week the disciples had witnessed Jesus being taken by Roman guards. They watched as Pilate had Him beaten beyond recognition. They followed helplessly as He lugged his cross through Jerusalem to The Place of the Skull. They stood with Mary as Jesus bled out and gave up His spirit. They saw His tomb encircled with centurions. And three days passed.

The disciples huddled secretly wondering if the authorities would come after them next.

Then Jesus materializes at their gathering and asks, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?” 

In human terms that’s a cheeky question. I can hear any one of the disciples responding: “You were arrested, beaten, killed, and buried, and we witnessed everything. That’s why we’re troubled and doubt.”

So Jesus calms and convinces them. He eats fish and lets them touch him. It’s me, in the flesh. And then he opens their mind so they could understand the Scripture one more time (Luke 24: 46). “It’s me; I am the Messiah; this is all part of the plan.”

I know I doubt at times. I’d love to have Jesus walk me through the Bible showing me the trail of the Messiah. But more so I wish I could hug Jesus like the disciples did. Don’t you?

But right now we walk by faith, trusting that God’s presence is real and calming, His Word open and convincing. We relate to Him in ways similar and different to the disciples, but we share two things for sure: we know God can be trusted, and that Jesus rose from the dead. These give me peace and strength day to day.

God, help my unbelief. Direct me to the testimony of Your presence and the promises of Your Word that I may be calmed and convinced once again. Amen.

Take Action

Read the full account of Jesus presenting Himself to his disciples in Luke 24. Then invite Jesus to reveal Himself to you in new ways today and throughout your week.

Lean into Jesus