Suffering is real and occurs every day. No one is immune to it no matter how affluent, how admired, or how attractive they are. We all suffer.

Now there are the minimal inconveniences people may consider “suffering”, such as ordering something online and having it show up in four days instead of two. Then there is real suffering, such as when you lose a close friend because you decided to stick to what you believe God wanted you to do and they wanted you to compromise yourself.

In some countries, when people are found serving Christ they end up in jail or worse. Our suffering may not be that severe, but at times we might suffer because we choose to do the right thing. We don’t get a promotion because we choose not to lie or demean a coworker that is up for the same job. We get ridiculed because we have compassion for someone that everyone else seems to dislike.

Jesus did the right thing every single time and he suffered the most out of anyone in history. Yet he continued to do the right thing over and over. He is the example we should follow. We should never get tired of doing the right thing. Our solace is in knowing that we are sons and daughters of the living God, and though we suffer for a little while here on earth, our reward is in Heaven.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for setting an example for me in your son, Jesus. Give me the strength and wisdom to get through any suffering I endure. Please help me to remember where my reward is so that I do not ever get tired of doing the right thing. Amen.

Go Deeper — Enlist a strong group of two or three friends you can lean on and confide in when you get tired of suffering for God. That way, they can encourage and uplift you when you are feeling weak and you can do the same for them.

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Photo Credit: Adi Constantin