Today is known as Palm Sunday.

In 1970, Ford produces a subcompact car called the Pinto. The entry-level model was $1,850. They specifically wanted it to be under $2,000 so everyone could afford one. Imagine all the families that could finally afford a good car to get them to work so they could better provide for their families. They drove one because they had to, not because they wanted to.

Long after they discontinued the car, it was used as a punchline. If people saw someone driving a beat-up clunker they would call it a “Pinto”. It was not flashy or a status symbol. Yet, it was just the kind of thing that God likes to use in order to show us a lesson. While something might not be valuable in the eyes of the world, he can use it for great things.

Jesus, who humbly was born in a lowly manger and marketed to lowly shepherds, continued in that tradition. He chose the biblical version of a Pinto — a little donkey — to ride into Jerusalem. No fancy carriage with strong horses fit for a king, or camels, or even elephants. He could have commanded a whole brigade of these top-notch rides to make his entrance, but that was not his style. Just like Ford wanted everyone to be able to have access to a Pinto, God sent Jesus to be accessible to everyone.

So, this Palm Sunday remember that Jesus came for everyone, especially you. He loves everyone, especially you.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for not flaunting your wealth and for keeping it simple and humble for all so we can have access to you. Help me to always be humble with you and others instead of valuing what the world does. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — Today, ask God to help you see things from his perspective instead of the world’s.

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Photo Credit: Yoal Desurmont