My granddaughter has discovered the question, “Why?”

“Leia, you should eat your vegetables.” She responds, “Why?” I say, “So you can be strong and healthy.” She shoots back, “Why?” This pattern can continue almost without end until she tires of the game and bounces off.

But it is not entirely a game. We all have a universal craving for reasons. Why is the world as it is? This passage tells us we are to obey Jesus Christ. OK, but seriously now, why?

Peter answers with three great truths. First, God specifically chose us. It is not by chance that we are in Christ, but as part of God’s great plan for all creation. It matters what we do.

Second, God is working out his purpose by his Spirit. The life-giving Spirit of God is at work to guide and strengthen us day by day. We are never alone.

Third, God has chosen us to be sprinkled with the blood of Christ. This is a priceless gift that gives us certainty that his purpose is good. We can trust him unconditionally.

Anything, anywhere, anytime, whatever the cost, we are called to obey Jesus Christ. Yes, sometimes we find obedience difficult. Sometimes it can be costly, but God, who knows us intimately is with us at all times and the power of his Spirit makes the way possible.

The result? Grace and peace in abundance. May they be yours today!

Lord, I want to obey you today in every way. May your Spirit be full in my life so I can serve you faithfully without compromise. Amen.

Go Deeper — Is there a challenge to your obedience today? Add up the reasons for not obeying and compare them to Peter’s reasons. Which make more sense: to obey or disobey?

Tags: Trust & Obey 1 Peter 1
Photo Credit: Sam Manns