When I was younger I loved to sing, so much so that my mom came up with a way for me to share my passion with the world. She signed me up to sing at retirement homes. I was nervous but at the same time excited because I hadn’t really sung outside of my church before. This was going to be a brand new experience.

At the end of one of my performances, I walked through the small audience and was stopped by a woman in a wheelchair. She grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her. I smiled, thanked her for coming, and said I hoped she had enjoyed it.

She looked up at me with glossy eyes. “Thank you for doing this, dear,” she said softly and then pressed something into my open hand. “I want to give you this.”

I looked down and there in my palm lay a single copper penny.

“It’s not much, but it’s all I have,” she said smiling. I tried to make her take it back, but she wouldn’t. Needless to say, I left that place with a full heart, teary eyes, and a lesson that I’ll carry throughout my whole life.

That day the woman gave me her all just like the woman in our Scripture reading who gave her all to God. Let this be a reminder to us that God wants all of us. Not just some, a little, or half of us. He wants our whole heart.

Dear Lord, help me to be more generous and wise in my giving to you and to others. After all, you gave it to me to use, not hold onto so tightly that my palms sweat. Teach me to be a good steward. Amen.

Go Deeper — What might God be calling you to give? It may be money, time, or a talent you have. Will you choose to hand it over to him today out of gratitude and joy?

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