I like to think of a hero as being triumphant and in control. I want to feel that my life is in control instead of squirming about areas of my life I want to see differently. Some areas I cannot change, since they are out of my control, i.e., a loved one’s health, a misbehaving grandchild, a couple of quarreling relatives.

What does a hero look like? When Jesus entered Jerusalem as king, he wasn’t on a huge horse wearing armor. Matthew tells of Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem, which symbolized that he is the King of the Jews. Instead of conquering Rome and building a new kingdom, he died on a cross. Yet, Jesus did conquer. He conquered death and sin when he rose again. He is the King of kings, the real hero.

Imagine Jesus as the hero of your life. Are there areas in the areas of appetite, attitude or agenda in which Jesus could be king?

Appetites such as entertainment, social media, sexual desires, hobbies, food, alcohol and shopping. Attitudes such as pride, apathy, complaining, greed, bitterness and unforgiveness. Agenda such as time, money, career plans, theology, belief system, future plans, politics, and family planning?

What would be the benefit of following Jesus’ leadership in those areas? Are you willing to let Jesus be king over them? Is there something holding you back? What do you think it is? Is there a helpful person you can talk to about this? If not, consider writing in to one of our confidential mentors.

Lord, be the King of my life. I need a daily hero that will rescue me from myself, conquer the areas of my life that could benefit me as a result and please you.

Throughout This Day: Ask God to show you if there are any areas of your life that remain outside of his control. If so, invite him to help you see you as the hero freeing yourself from anything that hinders your walk with him.

Tags: Daily Devotional Matthew 21
Photo Credit: Stephanie LeBlanc