Years ago, I watched my daughter try out for a competitive soccer team. She really wanted to be on that team. It was hard, but she was determined. She made the team and became a very good soccer player.

Which team do you want to be on? Do you want to be on the team that God shows favor toward or the team that God opposes? One team is characterized by humility, the other, pride. God is opposed to the proud! Think about it — being on an opposing team against God is a sobering thought. Yet, some have attempted to be on that team.

There are a few scriptural examples that come to mind, namely Pharaoh against Moses or Goliath against David. Both Pharaoh and Goliath were confident in their power and their strength. Moses and David also understood their strengths and abilities but placed their confidence in God. Victory will always have its place with the humble.

True humility embraces all that God has placed in our lives and understands that he is the source of our strength and faith. All that we have been given only works properly under the mighty hand of God, which then leads to a place of peace and confidence even in the most difficult circumstances.

Humbled Christ followers are characterized by prayer and the willingness to seek the prayers of others as well as by giving God for the glory instead of themselves. Attitudes of thankfulness, generosity, and a desire to direct the attention of others to God mark the humble person.

Lord Jesus, search my heart. If there is any hint of pride in my own abilities or accomplishments, convict me of these thoughts. I humble myself before you acknowledging all I am or will be comes under your mighty hand. Thank you for allowing me to place all my cares on you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Has pride slipped into your life? Is your confidence in your talents or do you see God as the enabler behind all your abilities? Today, see how much of your day is characterized by prayer, thankfulness, generosity, confidence in God, and bringing glory to God.

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Photo Credit: Magnezis