“Then a scribe came and said to Him, “Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.” Matthew 8:19

As a youngster, I loved playing “follow the leader.” After the participants select a leader, the players follow the leader mimicking his actions — following him wherever he may go. By agreeing to play, players assume a certain risk, depending on the terrain of the course, which may very well include craggy hillsides, cold streams, and unstable rocks. If a player is unable to replicate the leader’s actions, then that player is excused from participating. The last surviving player still accompanying the leader becomes the leader and the game restarts.

This perilous but appealing adventure game offers many parallels to the Christian life: commitment, compliance, inconvenience, risk, and reward. In Matthew 8:18-22, Jesus confronts potential disciples with the cost of discipleship. When the scribe enthusiastically declares, “I will follow You wherever You go," did he understand the risk and ramifications of his proclamation? Was he willing to follow Jesus unequivocally? The other disciple’s response is less definitive. He excuses himself because of an untimely family commitment.

Which disciple are you? Will you follow Him wherever He may go – without reservation? These are difficult but necessary questions for every believer. Following our leader is our non-negotiable rite of passage. Daily, we must face the call, challenge, and choice to follow Him wholeheartedly. Prayerfully, one step at a time, we walk in Jesus’ footprints, mimicking his actions. When we faithfully reflect obedience, and go where He goes, He empowers and equips us to go and take the lead so other disciples may willingly follow. 

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the privilege of following You. Teach me obedience. May Your Holy Spirit teach me how to walk in Your footprints. Empower and equip me to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Amen.

Take Action

Consider the scribe and the disciple in Matthew 8:18-22. Ask the Lord for discernment – to help you identify the obstacles that prevent you from wholeheartedly following Him wherever He may go. Write down your insights. Look for opportunities to “make disciples” within your sphere of influence.