Jesus had many followers, some ardent, and some half-hearted. The latter abandoned ship, while the others were willing to go with him the extra mile. As Jesus confronted his disciples, it was such a defining moment in history. Nothing was left to chance.

Those who abandoned Jesus could no longer understand him. Perhaps, what he taught no longer made sense to them. Could it be that maybe they felt that following Jesus was too demanding? Was their previous allegiance to Jesus one of convenience? What is quite clear is that when these people left Jesus, they forsook all. They no longer cared about his presence. Such a sad state of affair it was.

Jesus looked at the twelve. Of course, he knew their hearts but still, he went on and asked whether they would remain with him. As eleven of them contemplated on what they should say, Simon Peter boldly declared his stance. He understood clearly that Jesus was more than enough for him. Peter treasured the presence of God. How could he abandon the one who gives Eternal Life?

What would be our response, if Jesus was to ask the same question? May we not be like the many disciples who left Jesus on account of disbelief. As the Holy Spirit gently prompts us, may our hearts be awakened to respond like Simon Peter. May our view of Jesus Christ be untainted, our relationship secure, and our hope steadfast in him as we obey his commands.

Heavenly Father, help me through your Holy Spirit to remain true. May you guide me in every decision that I make so that, I will not fall away from the faith. Help me to seek your presence and delight in you at all times. Amen.

Go Deeper — Do you desire to be an ardent follower of Christ? Had you once enjoyed God’s presence and for whatever reason, you walked away? I am inviting you to take the first step by interacting with our mentors. Allow them to guide you as they lead you to the fountain of life, Jesus Christ.

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Photo Credit: Hethun Sung