My brother finally looked up. I’d written out what I couldn’t verbalize and I was anxiously awaiting his reaction. He didn’t say anything at first, he simply made eye contact. Feeling small and ashamed after having just confessed some my worst moments, I waited for the shoe to drop.

But all I saw in his blue eyes was agape. Unconditional love. And it made no sense to me. I had nothing to offer him in return. Just my brokenness laid out on the table. Where was the condemnation? In the coming days when shame surfaced, I kept remembering the love in his eyes. 

It didn’t come from my brother. It came from God. My brother’s love didn’t make any sense to my understanding of how the world works. But God’s love makes even less sense. I’ve been told that I can’t earn God’s love since before I can remember. However, this week seeing agape and forgiveness in my brother’s eyes, it hit me that God’s eyes are filled with a million times as much love and more.

Where is the condemnation? Gone! Utterly gone, irreparably buried and melted away by precious blood. My heart kept asking one question. “Why does God love me?” As a human, I am so insignificant. As a human, I am so undeserving and dirty and broken.

He loves us because he is love. It’s just who he is. It’s so hard to grasp. But even just a tiny glimpse can completely alter your paradigm.

Lord, thank you for your love for me. It is hard to find words, I feel so undeserving. But I choose to accept this incredible gift of grace. Thank you, Jesus, for freedom from condemnation.

Throughout this Day: Invite to Spirit to keep your mind fixed on God's love, forgiveness, and presence in you. Thank him for delivering you from shame and guilt purely out of his love and grace.

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Photo Credit: Matt Lamers on Unsplash