I have a jigsaw puzzle of a scene from a retro tailgate party. College football fans are crowded around cars with festivity and food. As I was studying the picture, I noticed something unusual in the midst of all the busy people: a child happily playing a stringed instrument. I showed it to my dad, and he said he’d never noticed it, even though he’d worked the puzzle before by himself.

As I thought of that picture, I wanted to put a story with it. Was the child a budding musician, or just fooling around? Did his parents support him pursuing music in this atmosphere so dominated by sports? It reminded me of the fact that we’re all different, and that we all need to be loved and accepted in those differences.

Another thing I discovered recently is the book Dear Self by Ruby Dahl. Even though the book espouses a level of self-love that is opposite to Christian teachings, I found one page that is so profound, and in line with God’s love for us, I want to read it over and over again. It talks about looking in the mirror and accepting yourself for who you are, telling yourself that what God made is good. I don’t know about you, but I need that.

Many talk about self-esteem, voicing various opinions on it. Some say it doesn’t even exist. Whatever you may believe about self-esteem though, the truth is that we serve a good God who loves us. We are valuable in his eyes, whether we stand in front of a mirror alone, or pluck a ukulele in the middle of a tailgate party. That is a level of love that both pursues us and is worthy of pursuit.

Dear Father, thank you for making me, for giving me your love and mercy. Thank you that I can walk in confidence today with your peace and your power inside of me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Throughout this Day: What is something in your life that makes you unique and in which you can see God’s love for you?

Additional Resources: Here is an article about seeing yourself through God’s eyes.

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Photo Credit: Alicia Christin Gerald on Unsplash