A friend asked me to pray for his upcoming mission trip. In a few days, he would be on a plane headed for Honduras. No more TVs, cell phones, or hot running water for a while. He had concerns for his health and safety in the small village the group planned to stay, but he still wanted to go.

I mentioned that I'd pray for him but I have never felt called to serve in a remote part of the world where I did not speak the language or needed my passport and a plane ticket to get there.

In Matthew 28:19, our Lord tells us to make disciples of all nations. But this does not mean missionary work should only take place in a faraway land at the expense of the needs of those close to home. In our communities, we have families without a safe place to stay, children without fathers, and seniors without much hope.

As followers of Christ, when it comes down to it, we each are missionaries with a specific call for this season in our lives. And God bestows us with different gifts, locates us in different places, and calls us to different vocations so we can minister to the lost and forgotten in need of Christ.

Trust where God calls you to mission, whether it is in remote parts of the world or your communities and backyards. He will give you the opportunities to make disciples wherever you find yourself if you remember we are all missionaries for our Lord, on mission duty, at all times and in all places.

Lord, help us realize the mission work you ask us to perform is often to the people around us each day. Let us see more clearly the opportunities to serve others, especially during this pandemic that has overrun our lives. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Louis Hansel