How can we be steadfast and immovable when the world does not offer stability?

I know someone who lives his life trusting God for everything. It has been that way since that person has discovered what God wanted them to do with his life at eighteen years old. He works for the Lord. He sticks with things he believes God has called him to do.

I’ve watched that person go through tough times. He has a beautiful family to take care of, yet he has not allowed the cares of life to make him quit focusing on the Lord. The way God has provided for this family for so many years is a beautiful example of how he enables us to be immovable in the purposes of God for our lives.

When it’s difficult, he prays. And he humbly asks others he trusts in his circle to pray with him. It reminds me of Jesus who said to his disciples, on the night before he died on the cross, “Pray that you would not fall into temptation.” Jesus went aside and prayed himself, but his disciples fell asleep, so he repeated the request (Luke 22: 40, 46). In Luke 22:42, Jesus prayed, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” He was ready to submit to the Father’s will and purpose for him.

There’s no guarantee we won’t be tossed about by the challenges of life, but let us be immovable on the inside. Let us be determined to stay strong with our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Whatever you do for the Lord will be rewarded—on earth or in heaven.

Father God, I ask you to help me to be immovable in the purposes that you have for my life. Help me to be happy to serve in your kingdom for your glory, in Jesus ’name.

Today's Challenge: Reflect on the kingdom of God. How can you ensure you stay in the center of his will for your life?

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