We were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Our team’s van was stuck in the mud of an unkempt road. It was getting dark and we were running out of options. A couple of people left to find help while I remained in the van with a handful of others. As the sun went down and tensions rose, I felt prompted to pray.

Specifically, I felt led to pray for a tractor. You've got to be kidding me, my head said. Yet, my conviction to obey outweighed the ridiculous nature of the command, so I prayed. A short time later some blinding lights appeared out of nowhere. It was a tractor coming to pull our van out. I couldn't help but chuckle as I thanked God.

While Jesus may not have chuckled as part of today's verse, He knew who was leading him. He had a trustworthy source, the Holy Spirit, giving specific instructions. If you read the next verse (Luke 4:2-3), you may be startled to find that Jesus would not only go without food for forty days while in the wilderness, but he would also be tempted by the devil.

I might have hesitated to carry out those directions. However, sensing it came from a divine source made all the difference in my situation just as it did in Jesus'.

As followers of Christ, we need not fear a situation that's Spirit-led. We have solid guidance in the Holy Spirit, giving us confidence in the knowledge that a blessed life comes from a Spirit-led life.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit. His guidance gives me the guts to live a Spirit-led life. There's really nothing better than that. Father, please help me to continue in that practice each time I am prompted by him, no matter how crazy it may seem. I know obeying his movement within me brings blessings. It is with gratitude I pray this in Jesus' name, amen.

Go Deeper — Can you recall a time you felt the urge to do something that didn’t seem practical, and yet you went ahead because you felt the Spirit leading you? Why not share that story with someone else? If you haven’t, ask yourself why and then pray about it.

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Photo Credit: Yoal Desurmont