It seems the world rejoices over failure. Take for instance prominent men and women in positions of authority. How many scandals have you read over time? Yes, some of them have been shocking, but some of the scandals are past committed sins that the person repented of years before the story broke. The media likes to dig up dirt about anyone, and they always look deep into the past of a person’s life to get it. Once they find it, they reveal it to world, which in turn rejoices over that person’s failure and makes sure that that person doesn’t forget it. When a scandal occurs in the secular world, people rarely get second chances.

Fortunately for us as believers, we do!

God extends mercy to us time and time again in various ways throughout our lives. We may have a habit of blurting out whatever is on our mind, trying desperately to control it, but utterly failing. Perhaps we recognize pride as our downfall, and yet still slip up. We might fall back into faithlessness to God, but He stays right there, waiting to pick us back up. It’s a true picture of unconditional love and forgiveness.

The world may not give us a second chance, but God so graciously gives it to us, even when we don’t deserve it. Even though we fall, we continue to strive to do better, because our God, in His mercy, lifts us up again.

Dear Lord, thank you for extending mercy to us. Please grant us, your children, the ability to endure the trials, to get up when we fall, and never give up. Amen.

Go Deeper — Are you working on eliminating a specific sin from your life? Don’t be discouraged by your failure. Keep on pushing through, looking to God for strength.

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