My son has a special superpower. He says, “No, thank you” with full liberation. He never hesitates. When he is not feeling like he should do it, he just throws it out there.

I do not remember when he first learned this lesson. He just seems to have come about it naturally. Let me tell you though, it is not from me. I had to work at this and learn it the hard way.

I do not know about you, but here in our household life has been strange. Even though the ebb and flow has changed, the demands have not. There is work, home, family, medical, and all those life tasks now needing to be solved in new and creative ways. I have had to learn how to pace myself.

It is easy to become overwhelmed and feel like everybody wants a piece of you until there is no more left to give. So, what to do? Follow Jesus!

Mark 1:35 says that he rose early in the morning, left the house, and prayed. When his disciples sought him he startlingly said, “No, thanks. I know they want me. But I have other plans.” It is obvious he received instructions from his Father to move on and preach in other places.

In this undeniably crazy time, it is important that you daily find some quiet place to pray and figure out if God is prompting you to say, “No, thanks.” Becoming overwhelmed is not in his plan for you.

Jesus, thank you for your guidance during these strange times. As I try to follow your path, help me know when to step back, reflect, and when to change course from “yes” to “no.” Amen.

Go Deeper — Try to find a quiet space, even if for a few minutes, where you can talk with God and listen to his calming influence before you say yes to taking on anything else in your life.

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Photo Credit: Nadine Shaabana