“…shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” Genesis 18:25 

Question marks punctuated the interior of my heart. Weeks earlier I had lost my unborn child. Why had God given life only to have it end before it was born? How could this happen? Was there something I should have seen or known? Would the ache go on forever? What good could possibly come from this death?

Suddenly, my heart heard another question cut through my confusion, one straight from the pages of Scripture: “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

My questions seemed almost trivial in light of that question. As my mind quickly turned the pages of my own personal history and the history of humankind, I was suddenly and completely astonished by the implications.

This God I served, this One who I claimed as my Savior, had showered His grace on my life and the lives of those I loved. He had been faithful. His mercy was my hope. He was just and righteous and loving, and even in this valley my heart knew He would not leave me or forsake me. He was not surprised by my loss. The enemy of my soul would not win in the end, for death is not the final word. One day I would see my child, complete and perfect. And so the question became the answer for me.

God is just. Will you choose to trust Him to “do right” with whatever hardship you’ve experienced? If you’re feeling unfairly treated by someone or that life has been unfair to you, will you surrender the pain today to the One who loves you dearly and promises to work it out for good?

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God, You alone are just and righteous in all Your ways. Today I offer You my pain and confusion and welcome Your presence in this valley. Be my just Judge, and lead me in Your way. Amen.

Take Action

Set aside some time this week to bring your heart with its questions before God. Invite Him to show you His answers from His word to comfort your heart.

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