In our culture, productivity is always a good thing. We strive to be constantly occupied, to do more, to see more, to be more. We fill our weeks to the brim with fitness classes, church activities, and volunteering. We tend to over-plan and under-relax, because being in the busy-mode makes us feel important and useful. Contrary to the cliché, less isn’t more. More is always more.

So it’s not hard to relate to Martha’s busyness — and her growing resentment of her sister who was anything but busy. Martha had invited Jesus and His disciples into her home. And like every good host, she wanted to make sure everything was perfect. But the more she worked the more bitter she became. How could Mary just sit there, listening at Jesus’ feet when there was so much to be done? Why was she, Martha, the only one who cared that their guests were comfortable and well fed? Finally Martha enlisted the help of Jesus; surely He could see that Mary was slacking off!

Turns out, Jesus doesn’t value productivity as much as the rest of us. Or Martha’s version of productivity. He said Mary made the better choice. Jesus preferred that Martha drop everything, listen to His words, and soak up His truth.

How many of us find ourselves too busy to quiet ourselves before the Lord? Jesus wants to invest in each of us and show us His love; but first, we need to take a deep breath, put down our schedule, and sit at His feet.

Dear Jesus, thank you that you want to spend time with me and to speak to me. Forgive me when I put other things in my life ahead of you. Help me to make the better choice, and to sit in your presence and listen at your feet. Amen.

Go Deeper — Have you made spending time with Jesus a priority? Or are you overrun by an out-of-control schedule? Stop trying to prove your importance to others and to God, and bask in His presence today.

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Photo Credit: Ray Hennessy