Have you ever been eager to do the right thing but unsure which way to go? I have. So did Paul.

Paul wanted to reveal the Lord Christ to his own people, the Jews. His effort was in vain. After Paul had fallen flat on his face in his attempt to persuade the Jews, he was welcomed into a fervent Gentile follower’s home in Corinth.

In Corinth, people believed Paul, yet he needed clear direction. Paul had a vision of the Lord speaking to him. A vision is an unexpected picture displayed so one can see the supernatural. The vision disappears while one is still staring at it. There’s nothing someone can do to make it linger. A vision from God comes in the Master’s timing and will never contradict God’s Word.

Paul saw and heard God tell him, “Be courageous! Keep up the great work despite the opposition.” This shows that Paul might have been tempted to lose heart when he was rejected by his own people.

When spoken to, Paul perked up his ears. The vision warned to not let fear hinder him and encouraged Paul to work in Corinth for a year and a half spreading the gospel in that region. People committed their lives to Jesus and He healed their hearts.

You can ask God for visions. If Paul received visions, so can you. However, it’s more important to listen to Him through His Word. When we spend time with Him and study His Word, we will hear His voice.

Father God, please guide me and let me hear your voice with clarity. When you guide me, help me to obey you and to please you. In the name of Jesus I ask. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you think God is speaking to you, confirm it through His Word. It’s OK to ask Him to give you affirmation. Then, courageously obey.

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Photo Credit: Lukas Budimaier