The older I get, the more I appreciate Sarah, even though I was blessed with two healthy children in my twenties.

Even so, I had disappointments in the ministry I believed God had for me. I had to go through a long internship during the "school of hard knocks and suffering", my dreams fed by bits and crumbs. I finally learned that God simply wanted me, not what I could do.

Then my first book was published when I was fifty. Ten years later, that single snowball had turned into an avalanche of fifty books which continues to multiply and expand. Now, if I ever complain it’s too much and that I am too old, God gives me more to do.

When Sarah said, “I’m too old to have a child,” perhaps the physical impossibility of conceiving a child past menopause wasn’t the only thing on her mind. Did she wonder if she was too old to go through pregnancy and childbirth, much less have the energy to chase after a toddler?

Sarah’s disbelieving laughter turned to laughter of joy when Isaac was born a year later. God provided the strength she needed to bring him to term and raise him to honor God.

It’s never too late for the Lord. He can make us fruitful, whatever age we are.

Lord, teach me to trust your timing, because whenever you give me fruit you are the one who will bring it to pass. Let me not depend on my own strength or gifts to accomplish what must come through you. Thank you for those gifts. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Do you have an unfulfilled dream? Ask God if it is His will, and if you feel him answering yes, just wait. Learn, grow, and trust in his timing.

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Photo Credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia