I have always been a fearful person. I have even experienced panic attacks.

What does it mean to “give way to fear?” I believe that it is a progression of thoughts that we buy into, little by little, to the point of being paralyzed emotionally.

What is the “right thing to do” in response to fear? I think that for the Christian, we have a choice, as indicated in this verse. Fear does not have to overwhelm us if we put on a submissive spirit, placing our hope in God.

It is choosing to “dress” ourselves with humility, acknowledging our vulnerability, but it is also God’s love for us and power to protect us. When I am fearful, I tell myself this truth: God is with me and I can trust Him to keep me safe.

Sarah, Abraham's wife, sometimes felt unsafe, but she “did not give way to fear”. She put her hope in God, submitting herself to him to keep her safe. She was already a beautiful woman, but she “wore” submission to God like fine jewelry or a lovely scarf.

There is an inner beauty and peace that radiates from all those whose hope is in God, whether they are men or women. Submit yourself to God, and put on humility.

Father God, thank you that I am safe in your care and that I do not have to give way to fear. Remind me how much you love me and how powerful you are whenever fear threatens to overwhelm me. Amen.

Go Deeper — The next time you feel fear swallowing you up, remind yourself that your hope is in God. Confess your fear to Him, and choose to believe that you are safe in His care.

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Photo Credit: Jens Johnsson