“A soft answer turns away wrath,?but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

Words — and how they’re said — set the tone in our homes. Have you ever stopped to listen to the tone in your home lately? I did. I listened to those around me and I paid close attention to what came out of my own mouth. I saw some patterns that were good and others that I didn’t like.

Taking inventory of the words spoken in our homes is a good exercise, especially when we include ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize what has crept in or what is missing. Tones of disapproval, sarcasm, or annoyance can warp the words we say and impact the way they are received, often creating an edge of hostility.

One winter, we taped pictures of a sword and a band-aid to the refrigerator door to remind our family that our words can bring either hurt or healing. They can sting and cut or they can strengthen and build. Words are very powerful. The tones they are spoken in imply so much. A soft answer can turn away anger, but harsh words can stir it up. Words and tones create the atmosphere in your home. Start with yourself and watch the results. You won’t be disappointed as you invest intentionally in your words and your tones.

Father God, in these hurried and changing times, I want our home to be an oasis where my family can refuel to face the challenges of the day. Please help me to be aware of my words. Help me to inventory the words and tones in our home and to become the change agent to move the bar higher. I need Your help, Lord. Remind me to speak softly and kindly and to model the words and tones that can change the atmosphere in our home. Thank You, Lord. I ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.

Take Action

Today, take inventory of the words spoken in your home. Are they hurtful? Bitter? Kind? Generous? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how you can change the atmosphere in your home through your words.

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