It is easy to give a small percentage back to God when He has blessed us with abundance. Giving ten dollars out of a hundred dollar bonus isn’t that much of a stretch. But what if we don’t have abundance? Scripture tells us to give anyway. Why? It’s a matter of trust. Do we truly believe God will provide?

When I became unemployed as a widow, it was during the time of year my church asks for pledges so they can set the budget. I had a choice. I could not pledge, pledge a tiny amount, or continue my previous tithe as if I had income, trusting that God would provide. I knew what my Lord wanted me to do, but I still argued with myself. Talk about wobbling on the tightrope of faith. I filled in the card and when the plate came by, my hand literally shook as I placed my promise in it. I thought of the groceries I’d need and the utility bill. Would I have enough to put gas in my car so I could drive to interviews?

Over the next few months until I found employment, God honored that sacrifice. Money appeared in my bank account from unforeseen sources like rebates and refunds I didn’t expect and a settlement in a class action suit I didn’t know my insurance company had filed on my behalf. A temporary job landed in my lap that paid the exact amount I need to make my rent.

Now that I am employed and have abundance again, you bet I will keep giving my tithe, and then some! No matter what we sacrifice, God can provide so much more. After all, He sacrificed His life for you and me. Oh Lord, forgive me for doubting, even for a brief moment.

Precious Lord, you sacrificed all for us. Help us to have the same attitude and give abundantly in return, knowing that as the Good Father, you will provide for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Amen.

Go deeper — stretch yourself to give to God something beyond your comfort zone (be it money, time, or service) and see what happens.

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Photo Credit: Elaine Casap